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Repeating a Sentiment is Simple and Effective

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for what else to say on your pages? Then say what you’ve already said …again…and again. Repeating sentiments in groups of three is a simple and effective way to get your point across and fill some space on your layout. Here are two examples of how to do this. In the first you see the yellow color block includes the word “smile” three times in three different fonts. They are actually stickers from a page of sentiments and I lucked out to find the word three times but appearing differently; I offset the stickers as I applied them to the paper just to add a little interest. Notice how everything else on the page is lined up straight, so having something not lined up straight brings a sense of balance to the page.

In the second example I repeat the sentiment “happy.” But this time I only had two embellishments with the actual word happy but I luckily had a smiley face which represents happy in a different way. The top happy is a die cut, the happy face is a sticker and the bottom happy is a sticker; to bring them some sense of similarity I mounted the bottom sticker on a yellow square to match the die cut and the smiley face sticker. I matted them all on matching purple cardstock and lined them up so they appear as a cohesive unit and it looks like they’re supposed to go together. Searching through your supplies, you can find an easy way to put emphasis on a single sentiment without buying new embellishments. So start looking through those old stickers and see what you can come up with!

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