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Seizing the Opportunity to Embellish

This is a case of crab on the half shirt! …..Ok maybe it’s just half a crab on a shirt. Every time I looked at this photo to imagine how it would look on the page, I saw those crab eyes on the shirt and they made me giggle. After a while, I knew they had to be incorporated into the layout somehow, but then the question became: how?

I ended up drawing the rest of the crab with a journaling pen and chalking the body and legs to get a color very similar to the color on the photograph. I just love this layout for its simplicity and the unexpected twist of that crab!

Notice that the crab is actually on a color of paper that is quite similar to that of the crab itself – this is not a mistake. This way the crab is not really the first thing you see because it blends with the color block. But it really is a neat embellishment and all I had to do is use my search engine to search for images of crabs so I knew how to draw it.

Finding ways to surprise and delight yourself with your layouts will surely put your stamp of individuality on the page as well as surprise and delight others who view the page.

The best thing is that I didn’t need to buy an expensive embellishment to achieve this cute effect!

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