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Covering pre-printed images on paper

You can cleverly disguise pre-printed elements on your paper. Often I buy packs of paper because they are cheaper than purchasing one sheet at a time and sometimes there is a printed paper included that I really don’t care for. Also, there are some older papers that are not really in style anymore with all the changes in scrapbooking designs. I have found that properly placed embellishments and stickers can transform a not-so-appealing paper into a lovely one.

Here, would you believe this background paper is actually a wedding motif? There are wedding bands evenly printed on the paper with the harlequin pattern; and the paper has a pre-printed border too as many of them used to in the nineteen nineties. I covered the majority of the wedding rings with a piece of white cardstock that I inked the edges of with a siena colored ink pad. Then I placed the black cats along the left side to cover up more of the rings; it’s a bonus that this actually aided me in evenly spacing the cats! Then along the bottom, there were more rings showing so I covered those with a jack-o-lantern sticker, the “It’s Halloween” 3D sticker and a cardstock die cut. Voila! I had a Halloween page. But it wasn’t really balanced, so I added the ghost and “ghouling good time” rub ons then the “pumpkin pals” sticker right on the white paper. This turned out to be critical not only for balancing the page, but for really tricking the eye about that background paper. Because the rub ons are white and somewhat transparent, the covered wedding rings would show through, but these are actually placed on the white cardstock. It just makes all the sticker placement look intentional and no one will ever know this was once wedding paper.

This page is actually part of a two-page layout and it really blends well with the opposing page which is not a printed background. I used a solid cardstock and printed a harlequin pattern with my ink pad so the two pages look as though they go together.

I had that piece of wedding paper with the rings on it for several years and I would always think that I should get rid of it. But it turned out it was always meant to be a HALLOWEEN page!





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