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Use Alphabet Stickers Wisely


Sometimes I get creative when using alphabet stickers and die cuts. I find that I have to just spell the words I want without buying a second sheet of letters. Here I used some of the letter P die cuts as letter D. You would never know unless I told you. There are slight differences in the actual D so I used the two Ps together to form the word “dad’s” and then used the actual D at the end of the word “bud.”

I have also noticed that I breeze through the letter E when I’m creating my pages. So I have begun trying to come up with titles that don’t use the letter E – or don’t use many of them. It just helps to be able to use the alphabet more than one time – this way I save money by using it several times on different pages.

Also, I have discovered that placement of the letters on the page can help me to conserve for a later date or accomplish something I might not otherwise do. Here with the “lil lady” page I did not have three L stickers so I turned the title at the corner to get what I wanted.

Using just a little creativity can go a long way to saving some money and creating some beautiful pages. So get creative scrapbookers!

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