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Family Recipe Book

Last Christmas a friend of mine asked me to create some recipe books for her family. All the women got one of these and they were so much fun to create! I will probably make some for my family. They were very easy to create and it was fun to work without photos and play with fonts and colors on my color printer. The chipboard albums came with 6 pages each and I bought an extra one so I could add an extra page to each book.

My friend just typed and e-mailed me the recipes and I manipulated them with my word processing program as I said using fonts and colors as I wished. I also had my friend leaf through the papers I had and pick out a general theme or “feel” she wanted the books to have. This was an interesting but important thing because she is not a scrapbooker and so we didn’t really speak the same language when it came to describing the book. I wanted to create something she would love so I had her pick out paper she liked and went from there. I added embellishments and design as I created the books and they came out very cute. I also used some ribbon I already had since we were trying to be cost conscious with this project.

When all was said and done I used the chipboard albums, a few new glue sticks and some ribbon I bought for the binding, but everything else was already in my scrapbooking supplies. The only special tools I used were the cropadile, corner rounder, and sticker maker.


See all the pages in this chipboard album in video format. * added Jan. 2013*

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  1. [...] PLUS, if your skills have been commissioned by a friend then this is a GREAT way to see if your friend likes the general look of the album before you get started. Then you can be left to your creative devices no matter the hour of day you choose to work on the album without worrying whether your friend will like what you’re creating. (I did this on a cookbook I created once – see the post.) [...]