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Same Background Paper, Different Looking Pages

These two pages were made using the same background paper. When I bought an economical set of papers I got two of each design, some of which I loved and some that left me wondering how I’d use both of each. This is a good example of how different the same page can look with different layouts. The background paper is printed with the water color look and the flowers and lines that run the length of one side.

I utilized the flowers on one page layout and covered them up on the other. Too, my two layouts include a feminine one and more masculine one. I had to make embellishments for the button page since I’d covered up those flowers, but you’d really never know the flowers were hidden beneath the red block of paper. I was pleased with the turnout and those buttons were simple to make with my cropadile, some circle diecuts (which you could make with a 1.5″ circle punch), an embossing tool and a 1″ diecut circle on the back. I simply placed some alphabet stickers on the “buttons” for the boy’s name.

The best part of this is these pages are part of a pack like I mentioned earlier and those packs of paper are cheaper than most other papers you purchase by the page. At Current Catalog I’ve taken advantage of their buy one, get one deals on some paper packs which really gets you a lot of paper for your money. As long as you can use all the pages you get in the pack, then those packs are the way to go for saving money. That way you can buy some cute embellishments or tools or just save the money for something else altogether.

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