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No Big Letters – No Big Deal

Sometimes I have a title in mind, but I don’t have the letters to make it happen. I discovered a quick and easy way to make letters using a circle punch, a hole punch, scissors and some imagination.

I didn’t have large enough letters in the right color but I didn’t run out and buy some. I just made my own using scraps and equipment I had at my fingertips. This is real scrapbooking!

Here’s how I did it: I used blue and beige circles punched out of card stock using my 1.5″ circle punch – one of each color for each letter. Then I drew with a pencil how to cut the beige to make the letter I wanted; for holes I used a long reach 1/8″ hole punch. Then I snipped away at the beige until I had the letters, ran them through my sticker maker and adhered them to the blue circles. They looked a bit plain still so I added some red “stitches” with a journaling pen just to the inside of the edges of the beige letters (it doesn’t appear so well in this photo). Then I was ready to place them on the page and I was so happy with how they looked!

Notice too how the red letters in the lower left-hand corner blend with the background paper but not so much that you can’t read them? I did that intentionally so that this journaling would not compete with the “Busy Boy” title in the opposite corner. That way your eye looks at the title first, then the pictures and finally the red lettering so you can get some details about the photos.

I made this layout using inspiration from the boy’s outfit. The white border running on the right and top of the page simulates the white cording on his shirt and the beige and blue were chosen to match the rest of his attire.

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