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Covering Up Unwanted Elements on Patterned Paper

So you found a perfect sheet of paper for a particular page if only it didn’t have “x” on it? That’s great! No really! That’s great! You can still use that sheet of paper for your page…if you can get creative enough to cover the unwanted part. This page had the green color I wanted and the wispy designs to make it great for a swinging page, but my nephew is a boy and I didn’t want the pink to show through on the page and cause confusion for my readers about the fact that this baby is a boy. So I cut some long strips of the orange patterned paper and covered up the edges to reveal the best parts of the green paper. Then I started playing with the photo. I thought a simple mat was too plain and when I placed it on the page there were a couple pink elements showing through. I started moving the mat around to see where to put it and it occurred to me that I could make a bigger mat.  When I did that, the mat covered so much of the background paper that I might as well start over. So I decided to cut the mat up and lay it out in the manner you see. I think the layout lends itself to the movement of the swing so I went with it. I chose some big letters in a green color to break up all that orange pattered paper on the left. I am happy with how this page came out in the end because it’s seems like a simple design, but it really served a purpose and accomplished a goal on my page since I was able to use the paper I originally wanted.

You might have to get a bit creative when you find a paper you want to work with, but don’t give up easily just because there is an element or two you want to cover up. Play around with it and see what you come up with. You might just surprise yourself with your layout abilities and the end result.

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