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Surprising Embellishments Can Complement Your Photo Theme

When you make your pages do you find yourself delighting in the cuteness and whimsy of it all – all these cute scrapbooking things? I find that adding an unexpected embellishment can really enhance the page overall and deliver some of your appreciation for the cuteness to your readers. On this Halloween page my niece and nephew were dressed as pirates for the event, but I didn’t burden the page with a bunch of pirate stickers. Pirate booty would certainly make a cute page, but the truth is I didn’t have any so I focused instead on Halloween. I used a pumpkin I made with some orange cardstock and pop dots and placed the “a face to fall for” sticker from an Autumn line of stickers. Next, all I had to do was put those photos in place and the page was nearly done. The surprising embellishment I chose for this page was that macaw parrot 3D sticker. He was just the perfect addition up on the “shoulder” of that picture on the right-hand side. This parrot sticker did not come on a sheet of pirate-themed photos, so keep a look out for embellishments to delight yourself and your readers will certainly understand your vision is more than meets the eye at first glance of your pages.

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