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So I’ve been toiling away hours working on a new project. It’s an online store to sell some kits I’ve been making.  I will probably make some in the future that emulate some of the pages I’ve done in the past too. I hope it’s a success of course and it’s been very fun to work on it with all the anticipation of a project this size.  Thank goodness my husband is a techie with a lot of knowledge on hooking up a store online and all that goes with it.  There seems to be little things here and there that he asks, that I haven’t thought about yet.  It’s a good team effort.

So more about the kits…they contain cutouts that I drew on the computer.  I plan to feature some of the kits here on the Scrapbookaloo blog but I’m not sure yet exactly what to say about them as far as techniques so I must mull it over a bit first. Stay tuned on that.

I plan to get it open today or in the next few days and I hope you will visit the store and at least tell me what you think!



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