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Edge Experimenting

Do you feel compelled to stay within the lines? I encourage you to break out of your shell even if it’s only in the safety and security of your scrapbook pages. Keeping all your embellishments and lettering within the boundaries or lines on a scrapbook page can leave you wondering what your page is missing.  I have chosen this page to highlight a couple ways I played with the edges and loved the results.  Those orange circles on the right-hand side are the first example.  There were three of them and I spaced them out evenly and wasn’t happy with the effect because it was too lined up… soldiers….which was not the laid back and cool “vibe” I was going for on this page with cool kids wearing sunglasses.  So I slid the circles and cut one of them.  I cut it on my trimmer to ensure a straight line and then I placed the straight lines on the edge of the page as if those circles are going right off the page.  Notice too how the circle that I cut is not cut perfectly in half. The cut itself is perfectly straight (from the trimmer) but there is definitely one bigger side.  I think that lends itself to the desired effect.  The second example is the title lettering “shady characters.” Notice there is a block of paper beneath the title to help it stand out and then letters themselves are not contained within that block.  The first and last letters of each word go over the edges on either side. The arc of the letters is intentional too otherwise those letters wouldn’t fit on that block, but because the go beyond the edges there is sort of a purposeful haphazardness to the arrangement of the lettering and the block.  I mean I could have made that block a little bigger to accommodate the title but this way it looks as though we have zoomed in on the title.

So the next time you feel like there is just a little something missing from your layout, try playing around with the edges and see what simple changes you can come up with.   A slight change can truly make a big impact.

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