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Making a Too Small Color Block Bigger

Have you ever had a piece of scrap paper that would be perfect for your layout but it’s just a little bit too small? There is no need to set it aside and keep looking for another suitable color block. You might be able to make the too small one work. On this “seriously silly” layout I cut the purple paper into strips so I could space the strips out and make it look as though the purple block of paper is larger than it actually is. Before attaching anything with adhesive, I placed the photos and then placed the purple strips behind the photos to determine where to adhere them. Once I attached them I continued creating the layout the same as I would if the block were a whole piece of paper not trimmed into strips. I placed a mat for the title and the journaling block and embellished the page normally. I think the purple strips really trick the eye so that the strips seem like a solid block. Give it a try and use up those scraps!

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