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Extreme Photo Cropping

I have found a simple and fast way to make a great photo stand out – Extreme cropping! Well I don’t know if it’s an official term or not, but I consider cutting into your photo to cut out a person quite extreme. On this “sugar baby” layout, I cropped one picture of my nephew and left all the others in photo form – you know rectangular or square. Plus this way I didn’t have to buy a larger photo of him just to make that image of him bigger. It almost seems bigger by just cutting it out…neat! Plus, the cropped image becomes an embellishment too!


The cropped image of him in those goggles and sucking on that lollipop really makes the page come to life I think. The pale background really makes him stand out and draws my eye directly to him even though the other pictures are close ups.


Do you have photos with a subject you wish was bigger? Try your hand at extreme cropping!

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