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Get Creative with Embellishment Placement


When you don’t have the perfect embellishments to complement your photos, then look for creative ways to place the embellishments you do have. Many paper packs come with coordinating stickers that you can use to create a common theme within an album and you can add or edit images as you deem necessary. Sometimes you have excess pictures and you can really have some fun with cutting images out and making embellishments from your photos. Here on the “Some ‘mo’ Sights in Motown” layout I used stickers that coordinate with other pages in my album, a Detroit sticker and an image cut out of a photograph as embellishments.


The cute little turtle in the lower left-hand corner of the left page, the bird perched on the picture on the lower right-hand corner of the right page, the flowery vine and row of hearts are all part of the same paper pack with coordinating stickers that I used throughout the album. This lends a cohesive feel as one looks through it.


The Detroit sticker was a great example of creative placement of a sticker! I had taken a photo of the rosette window on the building and in doing so captured the lamppost. Although I would normally have cropped that lamppost out of the photo before adding to the page, it was the perfect quirky place to put that sticker. Now it looks like a street sign and I just love it!


The photo on the bottom of the left page is of the art museum and there is a statue at the top of the steps in the photo. I had taken a shot of just the statue with the camera zoomed and I used that image as an embellishment on the page. I cut it out with my small, sharp scissors and then set it atop the picture of the building façade. I think that thinker makes me think it’s a good idea to crop some elements out of photos to use as embellishments.  : )

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