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Fifteen Photos on One Layout


Here a flap, there a flap, everywhere a flap or pocket!  There are pictures everywhere on this layout.  I was making a layout featuring more of the photos of my Michigan trip album and these photos all are buildings downtown and I wanted them all on here.  My dilemma came in getting them all on the page together or deciding which to choose and which to leave out. There were too many to fit – or so I thought.


Well, I started making flaps and pockets and laying out the photos and with very little actual photo cropping I was able to fit FIFTEEN photos on a single layout.  I couldn’t believe it and I am so happy with the result.  Can you see where they all are?


The first photo shows the flaps closed and the pockets tucked in. The second photo shows just the opposite with the flaps opened and the pocketed photos popped up to reveal their location.


Here’s a little tip: there are two photos tucked in each pocket. When you pull the photo out you notice there is a front and a back side to accommodate the accompanying photos.

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