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Creative Title Placement


Sometimes you just need the creative placement of title letters to achieve a great effect. No embellishment other than alphabet stickers was used on this “Chandelier” page.


Once I got all my photos lined up to go on this page, there really wasn’t any more room to place a creative embellishment so I didn’t even bother with one.


Here’s how I did the title: Remember typing class?….on a typewriter?  If not, then know we didn’t have anything like “center” to automatically center our title. It used to be that if you wanted to center some text on the page, you had to count the number of characters and figure out where the middle was using math. That’s what I did with the word ‘chandelier’ – ten characters but the letter I in the second half will take up less space than other letters so I figured the center was the right side of the letter D. If there are ten letters, then the middle would be between letter 5 and 6 which would have been the space between the D and the E. Five letters on each side of the middle would be correct. But as I said the letter I would take up less space on the right so I slid the “middle” a little left into the letter D.


So I placed the letter D on the page and then used dash stickers as the chain holding the title up. Next I placed the E to the right of the D and then the N to the left. Then the L to the right of the E and so on switching sides each time I laid a letter sticker down. I just eye-balled the curve but you could easily place a small circular coffee cup or plastic lid (that you can see through) to help you with the curve.


The final touch was to place that hook that the chain made of dash stickers hangs from. I used the question mark without the point.


If you get creative with how you display your title to coordinate with your photos, then you might not need an additional embellishment on your page.  Creative way to save money and still have a great look!


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