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Easy Bat Embellishments

These little guys were too easy to make. They are made of paper punches. One 1.5″ square and one 1″ circle. Just use decorative edge scissors to cut the square diagonally in half and adhere to the back of the circle. Add googly eyes and draw on fangs and a mouth and you’ve got Halloween Bats.


On the day I made these two (who incidentally can both see now) I was cooped up with a cold missing my friends who’d gathered together to scrapbook over a weekend. I went ahead and made a few things including these two little guys.  I was feeling better perhaps because my fever had passed or perhaps I’d ingested just the right amount of cold medicine. But, before I’d placed the second pair of eyes on the second bat I had a moment of silliness that I posted to my friends on Facebook. It still makes me giggle so maybe the cold had nothing to do with it after all. ; )

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