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This is a blog about the scrapbook pages and other paper crafting treasures I’ve created.  So why would you be interested in that?  Well, you might be interested to learn some of the techniques and tactics I’ve learned over the years to create these things with a meager crafting budget and a big heart, including:

- Using all your leftover stickers, embellishments and paper scraps

- Adding what you have to a new paper pack or kit to stretch it further

- Making some pretty cute embellishments with what you already have

- Re-creating wonderful projects from the pages of magazines and webpages

Who am I? I’m a normal woman living a fairly normal life in the heart of Tennessee. Our town is growing and I like many others am a transplant but I’ve fallen in love with a native as well as his town.  My name is Rhonda but my sisters still call me Sis which I love!

I also design stickers and all the graphics on my website Let me know if you see something you like!

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