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Custom Stamped Background Paper —

If you have some stamps that coordinate with a theme you’re creating in your scrapbook or on a particular layout, then consider making your own background paper. Here I stamped a grey button on white paper for a layout in a quilting scrapbook I made. Despite questioning my sanity and decision-making abilities about half way [...]

Big Monogram Letter as Edge of Color Block —

  If you need a creative way to use a monogram letter, then use it as the edge of a color block. This is a neat way to highlight the edge of the letter if the background paper is a similar color to the letter, but the color block is starkly different. There will be [...]

Run Tags off Edge of Page —

Run your tags and journaling blocks off the edge of your layout. This makes a lot of use of the edge of your layout as well as giving the eye a moment to pause while viewing your page.   On this “Valentine’s Tulips” layout I used a tag that I butted against the edge of [...]

Go Overboard! —

  Sometimes you have a photo that just demands a big, loud layout – one that goes overboard.   This “Big Blue Tongue” layout was created to complement the one and only photo that could live on this page.   Luckily there are large format alphabet stickers and die cuts to help you make a [...]

Big Arrow on Top of Photo —

  Sometimes there is something on your photo that you want to point out without actually cropping away the rest of the photo. This is a good time to use a big arrow die cut embellishment.   It is an easy way to draw attention to something in a photograph, spread color around your layout [...]

Sneak a Die Cut onto Your Page —

  Sounds silly eh? Sneaking a die cut onto a layout.  But I think it really lends itself to a found opportunity and a found treasure for the people who will look at your scrapbook after it is completed.   On this “Delightful Dinner” layout, I used a lighthouse die cut that I’d had for [...]

Making a Quick Album – Gather Supplies Before Getting Started —

If you’re going to make an album and you want one cohesive look throughout that album, then I suggest you gather all your papers and embellishments ahead of time. Whether you buy coordinating paper packs and embellishments or scour your existing supplies to find papers, stickers, sentiments, bling, titles, inks etc. that match just get [...]

White Journaling Blocks & Hand-Drawn Columns —

I filled up these pages with photos of buildings at the University of Virginia but then I found myself with two dilemmas – the need for some journaling space and how to evenly display those photos. The pages themselves were quite dark because I used the school colors (or as close as I could get) [...]

Primary Colors are Dependable —

Primary colors go together with almost any variation of the three colors: red, yellow and blue. If you’re in a quandary for colors on a page you’re contemplating, then primary colors can get you out of a creative rut and get you going on creating the page.   This “new toy” layout features my husband [...]