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Easy Bat Embellishments —

These little guys were too easy to make. They are made of paper punches. One 1.5″ square and one 1″ circle. Just use decorative edge scissors to cut the square diagonally in half and adhere to the back of the circle. Add googly eyes and draw on fangs and a mouth and you’ve got Halloween [...]

Clean Those Gummy Scissors! —

If you cut enough things while scrapbooking as I do, then your scissors are going to get gummy. When that happens, grab a cotton pad and some good, old-fashioned rubbing alcohol. Wet the pad and carefully rub each blade till all the residue comes off. You’ll love the feel of your clean scissors!

Custom Stamped Background Paper —

If you have some stamps that coordinate with a theme you’re creating in your scrapbook or on a particular layout, then consider making your own background paper. Here I stamped a grey button on white paper for a layout in a quilting scrapbook I made. Despite questioning my sanity and decision-making abilities about half way [...]

How to Preserve Rub Ons —

Store them in zipper baggies so they won’t dry out before you use them. I’ve found the quality rub ons stay pliable and easy to transfer to my projects if I store them this way.   Another idea illustrated here is to go ahead and rub them onto small pieces of paper which you can [...]

Use Leftovers and Scraps to Make Christmas Cards —

Last Thursday night, I made a bunch of Christmas Cards at a workshop hosted by my friend Gina who is a local Close to My Heart Consultant. Her card designs are adorable and here are the ones I made in the workshop: We didn’t use all the dimensional elements from the Sparkle & Shine Complements [...]

Get a Twofer with Chipboard Accents —

When you get some chipboard accents with a kit, you might be able to score a twofer! On this “relax” layout I used that chipboard suitcase outline that was left over from a kit I did using the chipboard suitcase that was there. All I did was trim around the cutout shape evenly and I [...]

Modernize Old White Backgrounds with Inking —

  Every now and then, a technique comes along that you begin using regularly and you finally realize you can use it to update some older scrapbook supplies and make them current again.   On this “Paradise” layout that is exactly what I did. The title block is printed on white paper and was part [...]

Embellish Your Embellishments —

  When I see an embellishment that I just love but I think, “if only…” then I get it anyway because I know I can alter it somehow to be just what I want.   On this “By the Sea” layout, I used an older style embellishment as the title but it truly looked too [...]

Creative Title Placement —

  Sometimes you just need the creative placement of title letters to achieve a great effect. No embellishment other than alphabet stickers was used on this “Chandelier” page.   Once I got all my photos lined up to go on this page, there really wasn’t any more room to place a creative embellishment so I [...]

Allow Photos to Escape Mats —

Did you ever consider allowing your photos to escape their mats? It can be a fun way of allowing a cool background paper to show through while still anchoring your photos.   On this “DS!” layout, I used a black color block as a mat beneath the two photos. But as I worked on the [...]