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Clean Those Gummy Scissors! —

If you cut enough things while scrapbooking as I do, then your scissors are going to get gummy. When that happens, grab a cotton pad and some good, old-fashioned rubbing alcohol. Wet the pad and carefully rub each blade till all the residue comes off. You’ll love the feel of your clean scissors!

Use Ink Pens to Add Flair —

There are two great ink pen elements on this “On the Lookout!” page. I had this great picture of our beloved black lab when she would sit and look through the fence toward the neighbor house. So when it came time to scrapbook it I was stuck on a design for awhile. I finally decided [...]

Jack o Lantern Photos Make Great Embellishments —

When it comes time to do your annual Halloween layout….remember the jack-o-lanterns.   This layout from Halloween 2011 is of my sister’s kiddos and she had sent a pic of their carved pumpkins that year.  I cropped the photo of the pumpkins and used it almost as more of an embellishment than a photo. You [...]

Get a Twofer with Chipboard Accents —

When you get some chipboard accents with a kit, you might be able to score a twofer! On this “relax” layout I used that chipboard suitcase outline that was left over from a kit I did using the chipboard suitcase that was there. All I did was trim around the cutout shape evenly and I [...]

Modernize Old White Backgrounds with Inking —

  Every now and then, a technique comes along that you begin using regularly and you finally realize you can use it to update some older scrapbook supplies and make them current again.   On this “Paradise” layout that is exactly what I did. The title block is printed on white paper and was part [...]

Creative Title Placement —

  Sometimes you just need the creative placement of title letters to achieve a great effect. No embellishment other than alphabet stickers was used on this “Chandelier” page.   Once I got all my photos lined up to go on this page, there really wasn’t any more room to place a creative embellishment so I [...]

Add Bling to Stickers —

I added bling to some of my Scrapbookaloo stickers the other day and they came out SO cute.   Orange bling rhinestones as coals on the campfire one and multi colored stones to the GPS one to mimic city lights.   Anyway when I did it I was grinning ear to ear because they were [...]

Fast, Lace-look Card —

  This is a video detailing how to make a quick, handmade greeting card with a cute lace-look detail made with nothing more than two commonly available pens. I highly recommend making a whole set using different colors. They would make a great gift for a friend or a useful go-to resource for those times [...]

Sharpen That Trimmer! —

Last week I sat down to make a few greeting cards and discovered my trimmer blade was dull. I searched high and low and couldn’t find a spare – I couldn’t believe I didn’t have a spare blade to use – but I didn’t, no matter how much I wanted one. So then I remembered [...]

Line Up Letter Stickers with Wax Paper —

If you have ever tried to get your letter stickers lined up perfectly, then you know how much of a pain that little task can be.  It reminds me of cutting bangs – a little off this side, now even it up, a little more over here, darn still not even – pretty soon you [...]