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Gift Albums With Blank Pages That Can Rotate —

    I’ve made several scrapbooks as gifts and I’ve discovered a key element to helping my recipients load the pages with their pictures – pages that ROTATE.   If I make pages using 4×6 blanks that will later be the photos, then my friend can put her photos in her album on her own [...]

Salutation Page at Back of Album —

The last page of an album can be a great place to put a summary type page. This page is the final page of an album commemorating a trip I took to visit my sister. It was a great opportunity to document my feelings that the trip ended too soon and that the special moments [...]

Idea for a Great Gift Scrapbook —

Sometimes you need some quick inspiration and enough of it to make a whole album. Why not use cell phone pictures? I made this album for a sister of mine for her birthday. She lives in another state and sends photos of her kids from time to time over the cell phone. Usually there is [...]

Family Recipe Book —

Last Christmas a friend of mine asked me to create some recipe books for her family. All the women got one of these and they were so much fun to create! I will probably make some for my family. They were very easy to create and it was fun to work without photos and play [...]

How to Ensure You Create an Album for the Year —

I found a really neat option at my local scrapbook store that allows me to make a 2-page spread every month. This is good for me because it not only keeps me on track by making me do the pages but it keeps me on track to complete a book for the year. So how [...]