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Calming Down Loud Paper —

Have you ever gotten a piece of really loud paper? It sounds funny, but I think we’ve all seen paper patterns that really jumped off the page at us. Sometimes it can be difficult to calm those “loud” papers down. Conversely, it can be equally as difficult to liven up calm pictures. Some of the [...]

Making a Too Small Color Block Bigger —

Have you ever had a piece of scrap paper that would be perfect for your layout but it’s just a little bit too small? There is no need to set it aside and keep looking for another suitable color block. You might be able to make the too small one work. On this “seriously silly” [...]

Tone on Tone – That’s Tricky —

This page highlights a simple, tricky way of sneaking embellishments onto your page. Also you can diminish the busy look of too many patterns on a page using this same trick. It’s called tone on tone. On this page I chose this background paper and started laying out the other elements. I used that peach [...]

Seizing the Opportunity to Embellish —

This is a case of crab on the half shirt! …..Ok maybe it’s just half a crab on a shirt. Every time I looked at this photo to imagine how it would look on the page, I saw those crab eyes on the shirt and they made me giggle. After a while, I knew they [...]

Funky, Multi-Colored Photo Mats Have Impact —

The paper you select as a mat for your photos can be quite impactful depending upon the other papers you’ve chosen for your layout. The mat here is actually a piece of cardstock cut from a sheet of photo realistic paper with an image of rusted metal upon it. The metal and its varying states [...]

Make a Skinny Photo Fat With a Dark-Colored Mat —

Have you ever laid out your pictures and envisioned the perfect way to place them all on the page only to realize that one or two just won’t work? I have a solution that just might work on your page! This page was working great but the top row of photos wouldn’t line up quite [...]