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Use That Missing Letter! —

When it came time to put the title on this “hunt eggs” page I fell in love with those big yellow letters. The only problem was the fact that I had used the letter U on some other layout. I was bummed but I was not defeated.   The empty space remained on the sticker [...]

Get Creative With Your Bling! —

Who doesn’t love great bling? There are definitely several options out there when it comes to choosing some bling for your layout. I used basic bling on this “tramp troop” layout. I simply set clear stones in a pattern mimicking the trampoline jumps which are the subject of my photos. I visualized it by treating [...]

Substituting Die Cuts for Letters —

I had a bunch of letter stickers for my title “Holding Brother,” but I had to find an extra R and had too few of the letter O. So I was trying to figure out what to do and I found an R that would work, then it hit me to use those die cuts [...]

No Big Letters – No Big Deal —

Sometimes I have a title in mind, but I don’t have the letters to make it happen. I discovered a quick and easy way to make letters using a circle punch, a hole punch, scissors and some imagination. I didn’t have large enough letters in the right color but I didn’t run out and buy [...]

Been There Done That! —

I have noticed a trend among scrapbookers and paper crafters and it’s not a good one. It’s our tendency to always strive for that new gadget, trick or technique. Sure, on its own this is not a bad tendency, but when you combine it with a seeming willingness to toss out the old for these new [...]

Inspiration from Photos for Elements on Page —

If you have a single photo and don’t really know where to go with it especially on a large 12×12 page, then you might find some inspiration within the photo itself. In this layout I used the maroon colored paper to match the rocking chair and the pink elements to match the little girl’s pants. [...]

Same Background Paper, Different Looking Pages —

These two pages were made using the same background paper. When I bought an economical set of papers I got two of each design, some of which I loved and some that left me wondering how I’d use both of each. This is a good example of how different the same page can look with [...]

Family Recipe Book —

Last Christmas a friend of mine asked me to create some recipe books for her family. All the women got one of these and they were so much fun to create! I will probably make some for my family. They were very easy to create and it was fun to work without photos and play [...]

Use Alphabet Stickers Wisely —

  Sometimes I get creative when using alphabet stickers and die cuts. I find that I have to just spell the words I want without buying a second sheet of letters. Here I used some of the letter P die cuts as letter D. You would never know unless I told you. There are slight [...]

Seizing the Opportunity to Embellish —

This is a case of crab on the half shirt! …..Ok maybe it’s just half a crab on a shirt. Every time I looked at this photo to imagine how it would look on the page, I saw those crab eyes on the shirt and they made me giggle. After a while, I knew they [...]