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Easy Bat Embellishments —

These little guys were too easy to make. They are made of paper punches. One 1.5″ square and one 1″ circle. Just use decorative edge scissors to cut the square diagonally in half and adhere to the back of the circle. Add googly eyes and draw on fangs and a mouth and you’ve got Halloween [...]

Jack o Lantern Photos Make Great Embellishments —

When it comes time to do your annual Halloween layout….remember the jack-o-lanterns.   This layout from Halloween 2011 is of my sister’s kiddos and she had sent a pic of their carved pumpkins that year.  I cropped the photo of the pumpkins and used it almost as more of an embellishment than a photo. You [...]

Candy Corn Cookies —

So I was cruising around on Pinterest for novelty recipe ideas for our annual Fall party and I found some super cute Candy Corn Cookies and decided to make my own. I actually made the dough from scratch but I really didn’t want to roll them and cut them, so I just made a log and refrigerated [...]

Surprising Embellishments Can Complement Your Photo Theme —

When you make your pages do you find yourself delighting in the cuteness and whimsy of it all – all these cute scrapbooking things? I find that adding an unexpected embellishment can really enhance the page overall and deliver some of your appreciation for the cuteness to your readers. On this Halloween page my niece [...]

Covering pre-printed images on paper —

You can cleverly disguise pre-printed elements on your paper. Often I buy packs of paper because they are cheaper than purchasing one sheet at a time and sometimes there is a printed paper included that I really don’t care for. Also, there are some older papers that are not really in style anymore with all [...]