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Get Creative With Your Bling! —

Who doesn’t love great bling? There are definitely several options out there when it comes to choosing some bling for your layout. I used basic bling on this “tramp troop” layout. I simply set clear stones in a pattern mimicking the trampoline jumps which are the subject of my photos. I visualized it by treating [...]

Making a Too Small Color Block Bigger —

Have you ever had a piece of scrap paper that would be perfect for your layout but it’s just a little bit too small? There is no need to set it aside and keep looking for another suitable color block. You might be able to make the too small one work. On this “seriously silly” [...]

Edge Experimenting —

Do you feel compelled to stay within the lines? I encourage you to break out of your shell even if it’s only in the safety and security of your scrapbook pages. Keeping all your embellishments and lettering within the boundaries or lines on a scrapbook page can leave you wondering what your page is missing.  [...]

Scrapbookaloo Store —

So I’ve been toiling away hours working on a new project. It’s an online store to sell some kits I’ve been making.  I will probably make some in the future that emulate some of the pages I’ve done in the past too. I hope it’s a success of course and it’s been very fun to [...]

Squeeze a Title into Place —

Sometimes you just can’t fit your title in the space where you want it.  This is a quick and easy way to accomplish fitting your title right where you want it.  I was using these wonderful cardstock alphabet stickers and I refused to choose not to use them because I just loved them for this [...]

Use Someone Else’s Writing for Journaling —

When I received this card and picture I just marveled at how cute the card was. When it came time to scrapbook this picture, then I knew I wanted to incorporate the card into my layout somehow. So I treated it like a photo by matting it and giving it a place of prominence on [...]

Surprising Embellishments Can Complement Your Photo Theme —

When you make your pages do you find yourself delighting in the cuteness and whimsy of it all – all these cute scrapbooking things? I find that adding an unexpected embellishment can really enhance the page overall and deliver some of your appreciation for the cuteness to your readers. On this Halloween page my niece [...]

Matting a Photo and Title Together —

Talk about easy! If you need a quick way to make your photo take up a bit more space on the page, then look to your mats. Here I had a photo that was taken in a landscape orientation as opposed to portrait orientation. I had printed the photo before I could alter it electronically, [...]

Tone on Tone – That’s Tricky —

This page highlights a simple, tricky way of sneaking embellishments onto your page. Also you can diminish the busy look of too many patterns on a page using this same trick. It’s called tone on tone. On this page I chose this background paper and started laying out the other elements. I used that peach [...]

Covering Up Unwanted Elements on Patterned Paper —

So you found a perfect sheet of paper for a particular page if only it didn’t have “x” on it? That’s great! No really! That’s great! You can still use that sheet of paper for your page…if you can get creative enough to cover the unwanted part. This page had the green color I wanted [...]