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No Big Letters – No Big Deal —

Sometimes I have a title in mind, but I don’t have the letters to make it happen. I discovered a quick and easy way to make letters using a circle punch, a hole punch, scissors and some imagination. I didn’t have large enough letters in the right color but I didn’t run out and buy [...]

Inspiration from Photos for Elements on Page —

If you have a single photo and don’t really know where to go with it especially on a large 12×12 page, then you might find some inspiration within the photo itself. In this layout I used the maroon colored paper to match the rocking chair and the pink elements to match the little girl’s pants. [...]

Photos as Inspiration for Layouts —

If you ever find yourself at a loss for choosing your papers for a layout for certain pictures, you might be able to use those pictures for inspiration. Here the gingham background paper matches the design on the highchair that the baby is sitting in. There is a pale green piping detail on the highchair [...]

Same Background Paper, Different Looking Pages —

These two pages were made using the same background paper. When I bought an economical set of papers I got two of each design, some of which I loved and some that left me wondering how I’d use both of each. This is a good example of how different the same page can look with [...]

Use Alphabet Stickers Wisely —

  Sometimes I get creative when using alphabet stickers and die cuts. I find that I have to just spell the words I want without buying a second sheet of letters. Here I used some of the letter P die cuts as letter D. You would never know unless I told you. There are slight [...]

Quadrants —

Sometimes when I’m creating a page. I use the design concept of quadrants. This means that I divide the page into four sections visually. Here you can see that I have done this on this page. It’s somewhat subtle sometimes but on this page with the use of the different papers and the circle embellishments [...]

Where can you get great layout ideas? —

This layout was one I was inspired to recreate from a picture I saw in my favorite scrapbook magazine, Scrapbooks, Etc., and I had fun recreating it! I was able to use several of my small scraps of paper and letters left over after creating other pages and I’m so proud of the outcome. This [...]

Make a Skinny Photo Fat With a Dark-Colored Mat —

Have you ever laid out your pictures and envisioned the perfect way to place them all on the page only to realize that one or two just won’t work? I have a solution that just might work on your page! This page was working great but the top row of photos wouldn’t line up quite [...]