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Fifteen Photos on One Layout —

  Here a flap, there a flap, everywhere a flap or pocket!  There are pictures everywhere on this layout.  I was making a layout featuring more of the photos of my Michigan trip album and these photos all are buildings downtown and I wanted them all on here.  My dilemma came in getting them all [...]

Extreme Photo Cropping —

I have found a simple and fast way to make a great photo stand out – Extreme cropping! Well I don’t know if it’s an official term or not, but I consider cutting into your photo to cut out a person quite extreme. On this “sugar baby” layout, I cropped one picture of my nephew [...]

Calming Down Loud Paper —

Have you ever gotten a piece of really loud paper? It sounds funny, but I think we’ve all seen paper patterns that really jumped off the page at us. Sometimes it can be difficult to calm those “loud” papers down. Conversely, it can be equally as difficult to liven up calm pictures. Some of the [...]

Fitting a Layout to Cropped Photos —

Sometimes there is no ideal way to crop your pictures without creating odd shapes. On this “egg-cellent” layout I found that cropping the unwanted parts of the pictures away left an odd shape. So I created a layout to fit around the modified photos. I decided to accentuate the odd shape by matting the photos [...]