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Line Up Letter Stickers with Wax Paper —

If you have ever tried to get your letter stickers lined up perfectly, then you know how much of a pain that little task can be.  It reminds me of cutting bangs – a little off this side, now even it up, a little more over here, darn still not even – pretty soon you [...]

Extreme Photo Cropping —

I have found a simple and fast way to make a great photo stand out – Extreme cropping! Well I don’t know if it’s an official term or not, but I consider cutting into your photo to cut out a person quite extreme. On this “sugar baby” layout, I cropped one picture of my nephew [...]

Fitting a Layout to Cropped Photos —

Sometimes there is no ideal way to crop your pictures without creating odd shapes. On this “egg-cellent” layout I found that cropping the unwanted parts of the pictures away left an odd shape. So I created a layout to fit around the modified photos. I decided to accentuate the odd shape by matting the photos [...]

Making a Too Small Color Block Bigger —

Have you ever had a piece of scrap paper that would be perfect for your layout but it’s just a little bit too small? There is no need to set it aside and keep looking for another suitable color block. You might be able to make the too small one work. On this “seriously silly” [...]

Scrapbookaloo Store —

So I’ve been toiling away hours working on a new project. It’s an online store to sell some kits I’ve been making.  I will probably make some in the future that emulate some of the pages I’ve done in the past too. I hope it’s a success of course and it’s been very fun to [...]

Matting a Photo and Title Together —

Talk about easy! If you need a quick way to make your photo take up a bit more space on the page, then look to your mats. Here I had a photo that was taken in a landscape orientation as opposed to portrait orientation. I had printed the photo before I could alter it electronically, [...]

Covering Up Unwanted Elements on Patterned Paper —

So you found a perfect sheet of paper for a particular page if only it didn’t have “x” on it? That’s great! No really! That’s great! You can still use that sheet of paper for your page…if you can get creative enough to cover the unwanted part. This page had the green color I wanted [...]

Substituting Die Cuts for Letters —

I had a bunch of letter stickers for my title “Holding Brother,” but I had to find an extra R and had too few of the letter O. So I was trying to figure out what to do and I found an R that would work, then it hit me to use those die cuts [...]

Been There Done That! —

I have noticed a trend among scrapbookers and paper crafters and it’s not a good one. It’s our tendency to always strive for that new gadget, trick or technique. Sure, on its own this is not a bad tendency, but when you combine it with a seeming willingness to toss out the old for these new [...]

Convey a Feeling From a Simple Photo —

Do you ever find you have a photo you want to scrapbook, but it’s kind of plain and therefore difficult to figure out what to focus on for the design of the page? I felt this way about this photo, but it was one of only a few I had of my newest cousin, so [...]