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Make a Monochromatic Title Stand Out —

When you add stickers atop paper of nearly the same color then you really want to do something to make them stand out.  I often outline stickers with a journaling pen to give the appearance of dimension but using Glossy Accents by Ranger can actually give you that dimension. I don’t know of any other [...]

Line Up Letter Stickers with Wax Paper —

If you have ever tried to get your letter stickers lined up perfectly, then you know how much of a pain that little task can be.  It reminds me of cutting bangs – a little off this side, now even it up, a little more over here, darn still not even – pretty soon you [...]

Get Creative with Embellishment Placement —

  When you don’t have the perfect embellishments to complement your photos, then look for creative ways to place the embellishments you do have. Many paper packs come with coordinating stickers that you can use to create a common theme within an album and you can add or edit images as you deem necessary. Sometimes [...]

Use That Missing Letter! —

When it came time to put the title on this “hunt eggs” page I fell in love with those big yellow letters. The only problem was the fact that I had used the letter U on some other layout. I was bummed but I was not defeated.   The empty space remained on the sticker [...]

Building a New Look —

I’ve taken some time off from uploading posts to work on building our new look.  I designed the new website layout as well as some cool new stickers we are now selling. Of course my dear husband knows how to get it working online so he has helped with that. And now it will be back to [...]

Squeeze a Title into Place —

Sometimes you just can’t fit your title in the space where you want it.  This is a quick and easy way to accomplish fitting your title right where you want it.  I was using these wonderful cardstock alphabet stickers and I refused to choose not to use them because I just loved them for this [...]

Drop Shadow on Title Lettering —

So I had made this page and added the white journaling area and knew I wanted to put my title there. When I started playing around with letter placement and discovered this really neat looking effect by accident, I knew I was going to have to show others.  Basically, I layered alphabet stickers to get [...]

Repeating a Sentiment is Simple and Effective —

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for what else to say on your pages? Then say what you’ve already said …again…and again. Repeating sentiments in groups of three is a simple and effective way to get your point across and fill some space on your layout. Here are two examples of how to [...]

Stickers Don’t Have to be Stuck in the Center of Your Page —

If you’re placing stickers on your page only where there is open space, then you might be interested to learn that there is another way.  Put down your stickers, sticker machines and rub-ons and pay attention. Stickers going over the edge of the page appear to give the page more depth and dimension. On this [...]