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Make a Monochromatic Title Stand Out —

When you add stickers atop paper of nearly the same color then you really want to do something to make them stand out.  I often outline stickers with a journaling pen to give the appearance of dimension but using Glossy Accents by Ranger can actually give you that dimension. I don’t know of any other [...]

Line Up Letter Stickers with Wax Paper —

If you have ever tried to get your letter stickers lined up perfectly, then you know how much of a pain that little task can be.  It reminds me of cutting bangs – a little off this side, now even it up, a little more over here, darn still not even – pretty soon you [...]

Edge Experimenting —

Do you feel compelled to stay within the lines? I encourage you to break out of your shell even if it’s only in the safety and security of your scrapbook pages. Keeping all your embellishments and lettering within the boundaries or lines on a scrapbook page can leave you wondering what your page is missing.  [...]

Squeeze a Title into Place —

Sometimes you just can’t fit your title in the space where you want it.  This is a quick and easy way to accomplish fitting your title right where you want it.  I was using these wonderful cardstock alphabet stickers and I refused to choose not to use them because I just loved them for this [...]

Matting a Photo and Title Together —

Talk about easy! If you need a quick way to make your photo take up a bit more space on the page, then look to your mats. Here I had a photo that was taken in a landscape orientation as opposed to portrait orientation. I had printed the photo before I could alter it electronically, [...]

Drop Shadow on Title Lettering —

So I had made this page and added the white journaling area and knew I wanted to put my title there. When I started playing around with letter placement and discovered this really neat looking effect by accident, I knew I was going to have to show others.  Basically, I layered alphabet stickers to get [...]

Substituting Die Cuts for Letters —

I had a bunch of letter stickers for my title “Holding Brother,” but I had to find an extra R and had too few of the letter O. So I was trying to figure out what to do and I found an R that would work, then it hit me to use those die cuts [...]

No Big Letters – No Big Deal —

Sometimes I have a title in mind, but I don’t have the letters to make it happen. I discovered a quick and easy way to make letters using a circle punch, a hole punch, scissors and some imagination. I didn’t have large enough letters in the right color but I didn’t run out and buy [...]

Been There Done That! —

I have noticed a trend among scrapbookers and paper crafters and it’s not a good one. It’s our tendency to always strive for that new gadget, trick or technique. Sure, on its own this is not a bad tendency, but when you combine it with a seeming willingness to toss out the old for these new [...]

Inspiration from Photos for Elements on Page —

If you have a single photo and don’t really know where to go with it especially on a large 12×12 page, then you might find some inspiration within the photo itself. In this layout I used the maroon colored paper to match the rocking chair and the pink elements to match the little girl’s pants. [...]