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Make Up Words for Titles

What better way to let your personality shine through in your work than using your own silly self-speak in your titles? The people closest to you will probably be able to tell you some silly words you use – so if you need some inspiration for titles, look to this personal level of communication in your life.


These types of things are the essence of truly archiving your being as well as your artistic talents in creating these memory books.


On this “Fuzz Head Hatchlings” page I used the term “fuzz heads” in describing the cutest, newly hatched birds in a nest outside my window while on the phone with my sister. I found that I stared calling those little guys “fuzz heads” every day when I would climb on my sofa to peek out the window and into their nest.


When the time came to scrapbook some wild life we see around our property, these photos simply had to make it into the collection of pages. And it seemed very natural to spell out “fuzz head” on my page and using it as a title immediately gets the attention of the reader. One internally asks, “what is a fuzz head?” and then leans in to read my journaling paragraph describing the photos. 


What could better describe how I want people to experience my scrapbooks?

The main question I had to ask myself is whether fuzz head is one word or two and I settled on two.  Don’t know what the right answer is really but I suppose it doesn’t really matter all that much. Honestly, I feel like words like these become their own type of embellishment because of the personality they convey.


I bet you have some quirky words or phrases that you could incorporate into your layouts to save for posterity. If you can’t think of any, then just ask your closest confidants to whom you regularly tell stories. You might be pleasantly surprised!  : )


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