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Calming Down Loud Paper

Have you ever gotten a piece of really loud paper? It sounds funny, but I think we’ve all seen paper patterns that really jumped off the page at us. Sometimes it can be difficult to calm those “loud” papers down. Conversely, it can be equally as difficult to liven up calm pictures. Some of the photo realistic papers out there can come to your rescue!

On this “walk with me” layout I used the paper on the left which is a picture of broken concrete to mimic and even enhance the photo I was working with. Every time I looked at the photo I knew I wanted to scrapbook it, but I just couldn’t come up with a layout idea.  So I focused on the colors in the photo and I started building the page beginning with the concrete-looking paper.

I matted the photo because the paper is so similar to the concrete paper that it appeared to blend seamlessly; in fact, this is a double mat with the mat closest to the photo being a piece of that concrete paper. The loud striped paper on the right-hand side of the background is still loud, but it is more balanced by using the calm paper alongside it than it would have been if it had been the only paper used for the background.

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